Shipping is about people. In TEN we are fervent advocates that the basic driving force of our company’s success is our people; both onboard and ashore. We further deem that personal professional and corporate development go hand in hand.

We believe that only through dedication, teamwork and hard work, excellence may be attained. Thus, we are committed in applying all resources in attracting committed and talented long term associates and we actively pursuit and support their continual advancement both onboard and ashore.

We are continuously looking for the right people to share and contribute to our vision. If you are interested in joining our team either through a career at sea or a career on land kindly contact us.


Demands on qualified Officers and Crew increase constantly. This constitutes one of the industry’s ongoing major challenges.

TEN has always aimed in attracting and developing the best qualified and skilled seafarers to expertly operate its fleet within a highly demanding and changing competitive environmentTST presently employs more than 3500 highly qualified seafarers on its managed fleet from various countries, including Greece, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Rumania and China.

TST’s rigorous recruitment and hiring procedures ensure that our crew is of the highest quality and ability. TST is dedicated to integrating training, education & development into the culture aboard our fleet to ensure that safety will be the top priority. TST also encourages seafarers to build upon their experience at sea and apply it, later, to management positions ashore, thereby providing seafarers with a long and fulfilling developing career both at sea and ashore.

Our commitment to our people is reflected in our strong success record in attracting, motivating and retaining first-class maritime talent. TST is exceptionally proud of this record.

We are continuously looking for the right people to share and contribute to our vision and mission.