In 2010, the Tsakos family founded, in Chios, the public benefit foundation “Maria Tsakos Public Foundation – International Centre for Maritime Research and Tradition” in honor of the late Maria P. Tsakos, with the following vision and mission:


To share what we have received from the sea and its people by fostering Hellenic and global shipping and maritime traditions.


To pursue initiatives to advance seafarers’ welfare, maritime education, training and research; and to protect and preserve the environment and the maritime heritage.


  • Increasing industry awareness

  • Fostering research projects

  • Shaping future maritime generations

  • Supporting education and public benefit activities

  • Instilling environmental consciousness

  • Inspiring volunteerism


In 2010, the Tsakos family created, as a component of the “Maria Tsakos” Foundation, a home for much promising young boys from all over Greece. The Home was established in the premises of Captain Tsakos’ late daughter Maria’s home in the family’s native home of Kardamyla, on a land which Maria kept open to all village children. The institution was dedicated to the memory of Maria, a prominent figure of the shipping community, a noble and gentle personality, who, during her short-cut life, had offered much to so many in various places across the globe.

From its inception, Maria’s Home, aimed at embodying the Vision and Mission of the “Maria Tsakos Foundation”, aspired to become a high standard modern social, educational and cultural centre serving Chios and the Kardamylian community and outreaching all over Greece.


Supporting the Hellenic spirit worldwide

The Maria Tsakos Fundacion, founded in Montevideo in March 1978, was inspired by the love of South Americans for the Hellenic spirit and culture. The Foundation, under the inspirational leadership of the late Maria Tsakos, evolved into a leading centre for teaching the Greek language and promoting Hellenic culture in South America.

The Foundation has been officially recognized by the Uruguayan Ministry of Culture and Education, and, in this regard, classes of modern Greek have been incorporated in the Curriculum of Humanities and Science Education, in the University of the Republic (Centre of Foreign Languages CELEX) and are taught by professors of the Foundation. The Foundation is also serving as the official Examination Center for Greek Language Certification accredited as such by the Education Ministry of Greece, for the entire Latin America region.


Contribution to the societies in need

The Group built an Orthodox Christian Church in Tema New Town in Ghana, which was completed in 2008 and consecrated in the name of St Nicholas, patron saint of seafarers. Following the construction of the church, it became apparent that a school to cater for the local community and support children living in deprived conditions was needed.

St. Nicholas School was, therefore, established under the motto: “Every child has a right to education”. The original aim of the school, which opened in 2012 with 28 pupils, was to provide pre-school education to disadvantaged children between the ages of four and six. To achieve this objective, a fundraising campaign, commencing with a donation from the Maria Tsakos Foundation was established.

Since opening, an expansion programme began and the school made a commitment to educate all pupils up to the age of 17. St Nicholas School now has 100 children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old and is growing each year by a further 15 children.


The moral responsibility of advancing the welfare of TEN’s employees is fully entrenched in our corporate philosophy. Initiator of this strategy has been Dr. Irene Saroglou-Tsakos, who dedicates with zeal and enthusiasm a large part of her professional life to promote and safeguard our employees’ welfare in a proactive manner.

Dr. Irene Tsakos has been offering her professional services relentlessly not only within the framework of the Group, but to the shipping community too. Dr. Tsakos has, throughout the years, published several preventive medicine practice books regularly distributed among shipboard and shore-based personnel.

Dr. Irene Tsakos has for many years been delivering medical awareness through educational lectures and training courses to shore and seaboard personnel of TEN in order to help them sustain a healthy life, identify life-threatening conditions and effectively respond to medical emergencies with first aid techniques.